Pannier Lab
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Lab Transformation

Rooms 24 and 27 in Chase Hall underwent extensive renovation to become The Pannier Lab facilities.
The central island in room 24 was modified for the lab; everything else is new. Plumbing was roughed in, electrical, new casework, equipment. The dreams of planning became reality over the course of several months, and now it's done. The open house for the lab was held on Friday, February 29, 2008. Like the
leap year, we took a leap into the future also.

The cell culture lab in room 27 was rearranged to be more efficient and houses the biosafety cabinet, Heracell CO2 incubator, cell microscope, liquid nitrogen tank, and refrigerator.

Before, during, and after pictures show how a former space is transformed into a modern, well-equipped lab.


Room 24 had been used as storage for miscellaneous department equipment. A long bench down the middle of the room was the starting point.


open room

facing south
south corner


A new sink was added to the south end of the room.

hole in floor new pipes
all pipes


Two feet of length were removed on the south end from the center bench.

cut top construction


Ventilation was changed to provide good airflow and ensure a safe work environment.

ventilation ventialtion in room


The southwest corner of the room became the site of an enclosed dark room for fluorescence microscopy.

bare floor walls going up
plywood up drywalled
wide doorway  


Things were really coming together at the beginning of January 2008. The casework will occupy almost the whole length of the east wall. It's exciting to see it going up.

shelving counters
counters newsink


A corner cabinet and counter were removed in room 27 for placement of cell incubators in the cell culture lab.

new corner

old corner
celllab corner