Pannier Lab
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Pannier Lab Facilities

The Pannier Lab facilities are located in rooms 24 and 27 of Chase Hall on the East Campus of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The main lab in room 24, contains an enclosed dark room for fluorescence microscopy and includes a Leica fluorescence microscope as well as a Biotek Cytation and a robotic liquid handling system; the remainder of the lab contains space and equipment for DNA and material synthesis, including Sorvall benchtop centrifuge, refrigerated microfuge, luminometer, UV/VIS spectrophotometer, 4°C refrigerator, -20°C and -80°C freezers, as well as a bacterial incubator. The cell culture lab in room 27, is home to our biosafety cabinet, three Heracell CO2 incubators, cell microscope, liquid nitrogen tank, Spectroline High Intensity Ultra Violet Light for hydrogel photopolymerization, BioRad agarose gel unit plus power supply, DNA agarose gel imaging station, and BioRad gel elecrophoresis equipment plus blotting modules for Western blots. Other equipment available in the Department for our use includes a lyophilizer, two Epoch plate readers (with spectrophotometer, luminescence and fluorescence capabilities), two EVOS inverted fluorescence microscopes, three texture analyzers and an iBox Scientia 500 in vivo small animal imaging system. In addition, an Applied Biosystems real time quantitative PCR machine is jointly owned and managed by Department of Biological Systems Engineering and Department of Nutrition and Health Sciences.

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