Post Doctoral Researchers
Dr. Jessie Jiang employed at Donghua University, China
Dr. Zhongji Han employed at University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Dr. Tadas Kasputis (Ph.D. 2014) employed at University of Michigan

Research Technologist
Gina Boanca

Graduate Students
Beth Duensing (M.S. 2009), Downstream Processing Supervisor at Huvepharma
Dipika Singh (M.S. 2010; MBA University of CO-Boulder), Assistant Director of Licensing, Lab Venture Partners
Mary Regier (M.S. 2011; Ph.D. University of Wisconsin), Director of the ISCRM Genomics Core at the University of Washington
Jessica Taylor (M.S. 2013), PA-C at St. Elizabeth
Cady Sargus-Patino (M.S. 2013), Head of Research & Data Science at HTI Labs
Tim Martin (Ph.D. 2014), Interdisciplinary Engineer at BARDA
Abby Kelly (M.S. 2014), Research Scientist at Abbott
Taylor Laughlin (M.S. 2016), Engineering Project Manager at Desmet Ballestra
Eric Farris (Ph.D. 2019), employed at Adjuvance
Amy Mantz (Ph.D. 2019), Consulting Safety Officer at Safety Partners, Inc.
Anna Lampe (Ph.D. 2020), Director, Research at National MS Society
Andrew Hamann (Ph.D. 2020), Research Assistant Professor at UNL
Tyler Kozisek (Ph.D. 2021), Research Scientist at Nature Technologies
Sophie Walsh (Ph.D. 2022)

Undergraduate Students
Donna Lounsbury (2008; B.S. 2009), employed at Cerner Corporation
Skylar Falter (2010), Coodinator at Buy Fresh Buy Local Nebraska
Heidi (Gengenbach) Hausmann (B.S. 2010; M.D. UNMC), Director of Quality Improvement & Patient Safety at Methodist Health System
Andie Gilkey (B.S. 2010; M.S. MIT), employed at Boeing
Quentin Dudley (B.S. 2011; Ph.D. Northwestern), Analytical Chemist/Biochemist Lead at Calyxt
Stephanie Berger (B.S. 2012; Ph.D. University of Washington), Translational Investigator at the Institute of Protein Design
Tyler Borcyk (B.S. 2012), Senior Project Engineer at General Dynamics OTS
Seely Kaufmann (B.S. 2011; M.Sc. University of Oregon), J.D. Candidate at University of Richmond
Cat Tuong Nguyen (2013), Product Manager at athenahealth
Monica Krause (B.S. 2013; M.D. UNMC), Neurology Specialist at Mayo Clinic - Rochester
Alex Pieper (B.S. 2014), attending graduate school at the University of Wisconsin
Jared Beyersdorf (B.S. 2015), attending graduate school at Georgia Tech/Emory University
Rachel (Morford) Heussner (B.S. 2015; Ph.D. University of Minnesota), Account Manager at ZEISS Microscopy
Lindsey Trejo (B.S. 2014), attending graduate school at Georgia Institute of Technology
John Bader (B.S. 2015; M.D. UNMC), Ophthalmologist in Lexington, Kentucky
Christopher Davidson (B.S. 2016; Ph.D. University of Michigan), Postdoctoral Fellow at Genentech
Freshta Baher Engel (B.S. 2017; M.D. UNMC), Family Physician in Seattle, Washington
Jordan Verplank (B.S. 2017), attending UNMC Dental School
Anna Toner (2016; M.Eng Rice University), Clinical Specialist at Medtronic
Austin Helmink (B.S. 2017; M.D. UNMC), Resident in Department of Pathology and Microbiology at UNMC
Alec McCarthy (B.S. 2018; Ph.D. UNMC), Medical Science Liaison for Merz Aesthetics
David Lillyman (B.S. 2017), attending graduate school at University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Connor States (2018)
Bailey Eddy (2019), EHS Engineer at Zoetis
Matt Boren (2019)
Lily Foley (B.S. 2021), attending graduate school at Penn State
Lou Townsend (B.S. 2021), attending graduate school at UNMC
Kelly Broad (B.S. 2022), attending graduate school at SCRIPPS
Maddy Seefeld (B.S. 2022), attending graduate school at Minnesota

REU Students
Adam Pely (2011) graduate student at Duke University
Olivia Creasey (2012) undergraduate student at University of Pittsburgh
Zachary Paulson (2013) undergraduate student at Texas A&M
Shalini Paliwal (2014) undergraduate student at University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth
Jean Marie Ndayisaba (2014) undergraduate student at Oklahoma Christian University
Victoria Zellerhoff (2015) undergraduate student at University of Portland
Adam Denchfield (2015) undergraduate student at Illinois Institute of Technology
Keegan McGill (2016) undergraduate student at University of Nebraska - Kearney
Patrick Mulcahy (2016) undergraduate student at Florida Institute of Technology
Katherine Schietroma (2018) undergraduate student at Penn State University
Michael Miller (2018) undergraduate student at West Virginia University
Ashley Babinchak (2019) undergraduate student at Clemson University
Peyton Panovich (2021) undergraduate student at Kansas University

Summer Students/Volunteers
Samantha Wang
Greta Peterson
Maddy Royse
Emily Laschanzky
Kelly Broad

Johanna Schubert
Madison Seefeld
Anshul Saraf

Clarissa Tan